451PCBcom (PCB) whitepaper v2 released.

2 min readMay 10, 2020

451PCBcom (PCB) is a TRON TRC-20 token created by our non-profit association (http://www.451pcb.com) to promote, develop, make, reward, share and exchange open source hardware.

The PCB token is a privately issued currency, which is a unit of value that the association creates to self-govern, and empower open source hardware users to interact with us, facilitating the exchange, distribution and sharing of open source hardware, with rewards and benefits to all of its holders.

TRC-20 is the basic code standard for a token in the TRON blockchain to implement some minimal token functions using a smart contract.

The PCB token will be distributed to our association members to use it in our headquarter as a tool to exchange open source hardware, rank and reward the community who support open source hardware and promote it collabolating with us.

The PCB token is not an speculation token, it has some utility functions in the real world for the members of our open source hardware community of supporters.

When you hold PCB tokens, you are a member of our community of supporters and you are collaborating to make open source hardware. Your community ranking depends on how many PCB tokens you hold.

When we send rewards to our community it is based on their holder ranking, knowledge and collaboration to promote, develop, make, share and exchange open source hardware, and never by lucky or competitive games.

We don’t know any other project of a tokenized open source hardware desing at this moment. We will be happy to know about other open source hardware makers with blockchain projects.

The future and our community is open.

Please, read our whitepaper (https://github.com/451PCBCOM/PCB-TRC20/blob/master/Whitepaper/PCB-Whitepaper-v2-English.pdf) and join us.




Non-profit association to promote, delevop, make, reward, share and exchange open source hardware.