Donate and vote for our next blockchain during 2023.

4 min readMar 21, 2023

From the last year (2022) we are aware of the very big interest and expectation from our members and holders for the PCB token deployment on new blockchains.

Now you can vote and donate to contribute to the PCB token development.

If voted, this improvement will help to solve some limitations detected working only with the TRON blockchain as:

- More bridges between blockchains and more users.

- More options for transfer and contract execution with very low fees.

- Send tokens to new accounts without to pay activation fees.

- More payment options in shops, webs, markets and between users.

- More security options in a variety of CEX, DEX and tools.

- NFT for a pack of tokens and special rewards.

By the other side, it will cause a lot of more work for us too. It will be explained in a new PCB token whitepaper version (2.1.x) released when a new PCB smart contract is deployed.

All the donations received during the voting period (2023) will be used for the smart contracts deployment, the PCB token development, swap pools and listing fees. We will send PCB tokens to the voters for each blockchain based on their votes as a reward too.

We created a wallet address on each selected blockchain to vote for them though donations with their native token.

All blockchain users can donate the selected native tokens for each blockchain mainnet to each account. It is their amount of votes to deploy the PCB smart contract on each blockchain. It must be did only sending the tokens to the next wallet addresses to vote:

Binance BNB Chain (0.03 BNB needed): 0xB07B2c96b634734adee23bFcB574E1E682d39b6c

Binance NFT Market (0.05 BNB needed): 0x615fD1Cc8E134851A980D9ff80966Fb468ed1C98

POLYGON (10 MATIC needed): 0xB07B2c96b634734adee23bFcB574E1E682d39b6c

Now you can send your votes and tips to us on Polygon Mainnet with this dapp:

POLYGON NFT (10 MATIC needed): 0x615fD1Cc8E134851A980D9ff80966Fb468ed1C98

IoTeX (15 IOTX needed): 0xB07B2c96b634734adee23bFcB574E1E682d39b6c io1kpaje94kx3e54hhz807t2a8pu6pd8xmvzc0jvp

IoTeX (You can tip IOTX to us through this dAPP):

IoTeX NFT (20 IOTX needed): 0x615fD1Cc8E134851A980D9ff80966Fb468ed1C98 io1v90arnywzdy9r2vqm8lcp9n0k35w68ycjs6myf

BTTC (28000 BTT needed): 0xB07B2c96b634734adee23bFcB574E1E682d39b6c

BTTC NFT (10000 BTT needed): 0x615fD1Cc8E134851A980D9ff80966Fb468ed1C98

— You can donate tokens from:

TRON SunSwap SmartContrats (3300 TRX needed for v3 + 1000 TRX for v2): TEPKp3wDCTHgyJuqX1kEH1AX4ZPzRUmAui

TRON SUN Network Sidechain (150 TRX needed): TS4MV7VsSGhfDbKQL3rarDhiPM5VyGAop9

TRON NFT (200 TRX needed): TJr5LKkKPsgoxfpg46B72KFVBc6PaB4EA1

You must send donations with the selected native tokens for each selected blockchain mainnet to be counted as votes. To donate other tokens, different blockchains mainnets or to do it on the testnets will not be counted as vote and this will not be rewarded, this only will show your support to the PCB token deployment on the blockchain.

PCB token holders will get double reward sending a little amount of PCB tokens to prove it. It will be counted as votes too based on the market price converted just before of the new smart contract deployment.

The donations will not be refunded, so the votes can’t be changed. The votes will be rewarded with PCB tokens.

This election is open to all the people, transparent and registered on the blockchains.

You can contact with us for your suggestions about to deploy our token on more blockchains. We deleted all blockchains without votes or support during 2022 for this 2023 election.

We will deploy the PCB smart contract when we collected enough to cover the smart contract deployment fees on each blockchain. It will make the voting period for that blockchain finish and it will be announced here and webs with updates.

All blockchains votings will finish when this year 2023 ends. The donations to the blockchains without enought votes thought donations to deploy the PCB token will be used for the PCB token development on the elected blockchains and to send PCB token rewards on them.

We will reward an amount of PCB tokens to each voter on each blockchain based on their votes and the market price just after the new PCB token deployment and tests on each blockchain. We hope to do it soon.

Any new blockchain was elected last year 2022, but we rewarded to all voters with 0.1 PCB tokens and they have accumulated their votes and more rewards for this year 2023.

Please contact with us if you voted for other different chain than TRON, PCB token will continue only on TRON blockchain during 2022, so you will need an activated TRON wallet address to claim the PCB token reward.

Thanks community for your continued support and join us.




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