PCB token and the New CCTip 2.0 update.

2 min readJul 23, 2021


On August, CCTip will update to CCTip 2.0 and the PCB token liquidity pools on CCTip will be closed and updated to the new version 2.0.

New Swap Technology:
CCSwap will be a DEX aggregator that aggregated multiple leading DEXes and in a near future it will use our PCB liquidity pool on justswap:


We recomend now to use only justswap as the PCB token DeFi pool to swap your tokens:


To have a better transition to CCTip 2.0, what you guys can help is:

Remove the liquidity and delist ads by yourself, for better CCTip 2.0 experience.

About Swap and Convert
To migrate to 2.0 smoothly, CCTip planned to temporarily stop the function of swap and convert on July 31st and return the assets to the providers. However, there still is a lot of liquidity in the swapping pool, and most of the ads in the convert session were not removed. So CCTip came up with a new plan for you guys.

CCTip will temporarily keep the old web as: v1.cctip.io after CCTip2.0 gets online. You guys will be able to remove liquidity and cancel ads there.

CCTip will leave 45 more days for you guys to remove liquidity or cancel the ads by yourself. On 12:00 Sept 15th(UTC+0), “v1.cctip.io” will be completely shut down. Those who failed to removed liquidity or ads before it will lose their assets.

To migrate to CCTip2.0 smoothly, we need your help too. Please follow the instructions to prevent any assets loss.

Thank you all for your continued support!





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