The voting finished without a new blockchain elected.

But we decided to continue with the voting during all 2023 and we will reward with 0.1 PCB tokens to all the voters during 2022.

Please contact with us if you voted for other different chain than TRON, PCB token will continue only in TRON, so you will need an activated TRON wallet address to claim the reward.

For more info to vote during 2023 with the same conditions, please check:

Thanks community and specially to all our voters for your support.

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We are analysing and seriously thinking in to deploy PCB token contracts on new blockchains: BTTC, IoTeX (IOTX), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon (MATIC), SUN Network SideChain (TRX), Waves…

So, we will open now a period to read opinions from PCB token holders and to make our own tests on…




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